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KhaoDao Food Ordering App

Running restaurants have always been tough! Before Covid19 things weren’t easy – operators like you had to deal with high employee turnover, rising labor & overhead cost and numerous other operational challenges. Then came covid19! Restaurants owners were forced to close their doors and faced an uncertain future. As things evolve restaurants owners faces new challenges –they need to keep their customers and staff safe. But How?

Restaurants must take a deeper look at aspects that could risk customer and staff health.  Touching Printed menu, interacting with a server or a cashier could put customer and staff health at risk. Touching a menu that has been touched by an asymptomatic person could lead to major outbreaks.

Keeping track of how many times a menu changes hand and sanitizing a menu over and over is an impossible task. Similarly, customer and staff risk similar exposure when cash or credit card is handed over for payment.

There is an easier way to solve this and become for resilient. It is KhaoDao’s unique technology. KhaoDao’s QRC based menu and ordering system eliminates staff interaction. It also works for Takeout and order-ahead orders.


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  • Date

    January 2, 2022

  • Skills

    Android, iOS, Flutter

  • Client

    Komidaz Inc, USA

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