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Fixed Cost

Engage with an experience development team and start building on your vision today. We guarantee on time and on budget delivery.

E-Commerce & Web Portals

E-Commerce & Web Portals

We can develop custom web portal and e-commerce applications at a very competitive price.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

We can help you build any mobile apps faster and at a competitive price.



Our UI/UX designers can help you design and visualize your application idea before committing significant budget on development.

High Quality Software, Competitive Pricing

When you have well developed specifications, fixed price engagement model can significantly accelerate development and allow you to focus on other pressing business issues. We are one of the most experienced software developers in the industry and deliver high quality products at a lower cost because of our setup and project management capabilities.


When & Why to pick
Fixed Cost Model?

If you have a well developed specification for a small to medium size application the most cost effective way to implement will be to engage on a fixed cost model. A well defined fixed cost model will provide competitive pricing, specify clear milestones and guarantee on time delivery.



When you have a well defined specification, the cost advantage of a fixed cost model could be significant. Because of the size and nature of fixed cost projects the right partner will be able to deliver an entire project often well below time and material pricing and on time.


Time Commitment

Fixed cost model with the right development partner could be hassle free and provide you the flexibility to focus on more pressing issues around your business. With fixed cost model you choose how much time you want to spend on managing the development.



Application developed under fixed price model generally incorporate well established industry standards with some customization. This nature of fixed cost projects allows developers who work on such project build deep expertise on these standards and develop better products.


Project Size

Fixed cost model is ideal for small to medium size projects with well defined requirements. It is also ideal for developing applications that follows a widely used standards such as b2c or b2b commerce engines.

On time, On Budget

When you engage with us on fixed cost model you are guaranteed to stay on budget and on time delivery. We deploy our battle tested communication and project management skills to bring any idea to fruition. From the very start we work with you to understand your vision, put in place the right combination of skills and process to guarantee the success of your project.

Why Graaho?

Our fixed cost model is designed to offer our clients competitive pricing and on time delivery without sacrificing quality. We staff and source highly skilled developers with a experience in working on large-scale projects for global enterprises. Our engineers have worked and garnered praise around the globe.



Our engineers will bring deep industry knowledge and domain expertise to deliver high quality software on budget and on time.



We are competitive in our pricing and because of our geo diverse setup. We also partner with all major cloud providers to save you on development and deployment cost.



Our dedicated service approach is client-first and customized to fit your specifications, project scale, and budget. Our engineers are professional standout in their fields and are committed to your success.



Our geo diverse business model gives you the highest value for the lowest cost. We are headquartered in Reston, VA with development center in South Asia. We're available around the clock and flexible to work on your preferred hours.



Our turnkey development and deployment capabilities will save you significant time on managing the development effort and allow you to focus on other important business issues.



Graaho’s work has garnered praise around the globe ane we have developed award winning apps and portals for our clients.


We work with wide range of technologies and stacks to build and deploy scalable solutions.

Expertise to level up your Tech

A Message from our CEO

What do you want to develop?

If you have a ready specification for an MVP, B2B, B2C, FinTech or any other projects then let's get started. You will engage a highly skilled team of software engineers with deep expertise in delivering turn key projects. We will guarantee delivery on budget and on time .

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